Måkeskrik etterfest: Too Many Girls


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LØRDAG 27. JULI – Too Many Girls (Oslo) – 23.00-02.15
“Bitch I Gotta Ball With Your Bitch At The Mall” – V-Nasty & Lil Debbie

TOO MANY GIRLS is an Oslo-based DJ-collective. TOO MANY GIRLS is a supreme initiative to having a ball, and doing it right. By bringing girls together to play their music, each DJ prepares a unique set on the given night, which contributes to the eclectic, buzzy mix that has become the signature of TOO MANY GIRLS.

TOO MANY GIRLS donates the surplus of the night to charity Thus far – Pussy Riot, allout.org, Prosenteret, Stop the Trafik, Folkeaksjonen Oljefritt Lofoten, Vesterålen og Senja and Borgen Brenner – have all received the $.