Sørveiv Kick Off med EKKOLODD // AVLYST!!!

31/10/2013 kl 22:00 @ Pir6

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Ekkolodd har dessverre sett seg nødt til å avlyse torsdagens konsert grunnet sykdom. Vi håper de kommer tilbake snart.

TrashPop og New Kicks Booking presents: Sørveiv Kick Off med EKKOLODD

Ekkolodd is a six man orchestra based in Bergen. Their music captures the elements of dream-pop and alt. rock where pleasing noise and symphonic instrumentals meet with fluidity, supported by fragile vocal melodies sung in Gudbransdal dialect

An ekkolodd or echo locater is an electronic device which measures sea deep by sending sound signals to the sea floor. With a thick layer of cool, wet sound, Ekkolodd pulls you in with a soundscape of flowing melancholy and driving dynamics. Earlier this year, they were picked up by Hove Festival to fill the Hoveslaget in Bergen. They have played with bands such as Lukestar, Rubik and Múm and have on many occasions headlines venues such as Hulen and Kvarteret in Bergen and Studentersamfundet in Tronheim.

The song «Perler» put Ekkolodd in the finals of NRK URØRT 2013 and also give them a nice spot at byLarm festival. Their debut album was released 22. march by the Bergen label Klangkolletivet.


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